Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pizza night at school

Tonight was Pizza Night at the kid's school. It is a fundraiser for the PTO so they have more money to buy things for the school. It is usually a nice time for us all. We get to have Godfather's pizza, which we all like, the kids get extra time with their friends and the parents get to catch up with each other.
So we got there and I took the baby out of her car seat and was putting her in the stroller when my son shut my door. Which would have been a nice thing except my purse, the diaper bag, and the keys where all sitting on my seat. John got upset about it and then our son felt so bad, he didn't even want to go play with his best friend.
So we had a $30 expenditure this evening that we weren't expecting. But I told John, we spent $10 on pizza and $30 on a locksmith = $40 for a nice night out isn't bad. So I told him to go cuddle with his son and life can be good again.
And a lesson learned for us all!

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