Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walgreens $4.67

Cascade powder 3.99 sale
Gillette ProGlide razor 9.89 sale
2 Ajax .99
$15.86 + 1.04 tax = $16.90 Total
-0.98 Ajax in ad coupon
-4.00 Gillette coupon
-0.25 Cascade coupon
-5.00 RR
-2.00 RR
$4.67 PAID and rec'd new RR's of $4 & $1

1 comment:

Auntie E said...

Great prices, but did you know that Cascade used in a dishwasher with a drying vent gives off cancer causing fumes? I used this product years ago. Then my mother was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, One of the deadliest cancer known to women. Most women do not even know they have it and most that die in their 60 and 70's have it.
I found out that the household products we use is the suspected cause,the cancer has an environmental link. Doing some research I found that dishwasher product like these give off the carcinogenic gases/ vapor in the air during the drying cycle. I changed my household products to Greener and Healthier products. There are a lot out there and at the same prices as you have listed. Just thought you should know, I'm always thinking long life and giving our children a healthier environment. I hope Cascade gets on the green wagon and removes the carcinogenic ingredients from their products.