Wednesday, November 11, 2009 deals

I was just at and saw these great deals, some still the same as last time and a few new ones:

Clairol haircolor 0.90
Bic Shavers 12pk 0.96
Schick Shavers 5pk 1.86
Kotex pantiliners 0.41
Dove deoderant 0.97
Sauve deoderant 0.98
Tag body spray 2.29
Bengay pain relieving cream 2.27
Glad straws 0.42
Dawn ultra dish liquid 0.84
Bounty basic paper towels 0.59

Check these out, they won't last forever. And don't forget you get free shipping on every order, and a $10 credit after spending $50.

BTW, I was thrilled with my two orders.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Crappy Dap - great prices - good site.