Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walgreens Awesome 3 day Sale

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Walgreens has an awesome three day sale that started today.
My daughter has a Snuggie on her Christmas List so I was very excited to get the last children's size pink one! And we always need batteries on Christmas Day so I decided to get some of those too.

Snuggie 9.99 sale (get $2RR)
Crayola 64ct crayons 1.99 sale (get $1RR)
Duracell 20ct AA 9.49 sale (get $2.50RR)
Johnsons Bodywash 5.99 (get $6RR)
Aquafresh 1.99 sale (get $2RR)
Infusion 23 4.99 sale (get $5RR)
Nivea for men shave gel 2.49 sale (get $2.50RR)
Right Guard deoderant 2.49 sale (get $2.50 RR)
Dove ultimate visibly smooth deoderant 3.99 sale (get $4RR)
3 Walgreens tape .39 w/in ad q

$44.58 + 2.77 tax = $47.35 Total
- 2.00 Infusion q
-5.00 RR
-5.00 RR
-3.00 RR
-1.00 RR
-1.00 RR

$30.35 PAID = 64%
and I got back $27.50 worth of new RR's


The Prudent Patron said...

Great job! I couldn't make it to Wags, CVS wore me out.

Trent said...

These prices look great. Sorry, this may be a dumb question but what are RR and QS?

Aimee said...

RR's are Register Rewards that print out when you buy a certain item or certain dollar amount of items.

Q's are Coupons.

SmartShopIt said...

Thanks Aimee!

Just curious? How do you get around the one RR per visit policy that Walgreens has? Do you do each transaction separately?


Aimee said...

My Walgreens does not limit anyone to 1 RR per visit. Their policy is that you can use as many RR's and coupons up to your total item count.

SmartShopIt said...

Ok. Thanks for the information. You're fortunate your Walgreens does not limit you. I've heard from others who say that their Walgreen's registers will only accept one per transaction.

Keep saving!