Friday, August 07, 2009

Saving on Band Instrument Accessories

My oldest daughter brought home a paper about band night for fourth graders back in May. So we went and she decided she wanted to play the clarinet. So I signed her up and we talked to the music store rep and picked out a nice instrument and signed up for the lease to own program.

So lessons started two weeks ago. And everything is going great, she is learning and practicing every day and she is very excited about it all. So the other day she cracked her reed. No problem I understand all about that I played saxophone for eight years in school. And the clarinet came with three reeds so she still was in business.

Yesterday the teacher sends home a note with all the students that they will need to buy a $20 punch card when school starts to cover reed costs and other misc. expenses. So I told my daughter to ask how much reeds costs so I can kind of plan for that expense. She told me they are $2.50 each. I was surprised that a little piece of wood would be that much. So I thought I would check around on prices. So I called the music store. Their reeds are $2.50 each also but if you buy 4, you get the fifth free. So that basically puts the price at $2.00 each as long as you buy in multiples of five. So, I told my daughter next time I went to Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby (which are right beside the music store) I would stop in and get her five or ten. I thought that was the end of that.

Well just a little bit ago I decided to search online for this specific reed and see if this was pretty much the going rate? Well, guess what I found. I can get the exact same Rico reeds that the school and music store have, but for a much better price. I purchased a ten pack from Amazon for $12.25 with free shipping!!!! $1.23 per reed. I am tickled pink.

Obviously the moral of this kind of long story is, just because it's only $2.50 per piece and it's what everyone else is doing, doesn't mean you should do it. I just saved $12.75 on ten reeds which she will easily go through this year and I didn't even leave the comfort of my easy chair. And all of those little savings add up!

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