Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cash for Clunkers - NOT - what a Joke!

Ok, we were pretty excited to hear about the government's new Cash for Clunkers program because John really dislikes his old work car and if we could find a great deal on something new for him that would be awesome. So I said it would have to be a great deal because although he is on overtime now we know that will not continue. So he went to several dealerships and was working several different deals. Well he got a really good deal worked out on a new Toyota that we really liked and get this with dealership incentives and the $4500 clunker thing he could get the new car for $189 a month! And with the increased gas mileage we figured it would save $95 a month in gas - that's half the payment.
So the dealership finally got the final details and his old 1992 car with 150,000 miles on it does not qualify! Apparently when new it got 20 mpg and because of that it does not qualify. I just want to say HELLO do you think anything on a 1992 car is the same as it is new? If it's not a clunker what is?
Well here comes the answer to that. My 2000 SUV qualifies as a clunker. It has 50,000 miles on it, is in excellent shape, gets better gas mileage than John's car, and has a blue book value over $6000 but it is considered a clunker and I should trade it in for $4500 and have it crushed and sent to the junkyard. WHAT in the world? The people that wrote this bill are crazy. This lower income hard working family can't afford to use this program.

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