Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hy-Vee & Staples

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I purchased at Hy-Vee today:
2 Cheerios 1.99sale used .55qs
2 Lunchables 2.50ea
Wheat Germ 3.49
4 Sunflower kernals .44
Peanuts 1.88sale
Mushrooms .64
V8 Fusion light 2.99 used 1.00q
OM lunchmeat 3.49 used .55q
2 Wonderbread 1.48 sale
Coke 6pk 4.00 + .30 deposit
Ground beef 1.79 sale
T-bone 4.99 sale

$37.27 Total
minus 2.65 coupons .15 sack refund = $34.47

I needed the sunflower kernals, peanuts & wheat germ for homemade granola bars I am making today. I bought the steak for John since he is working overtime this week. Yeah! And the lunchables & lunchmeat so he has quick easy lunches for the kids since he won't be home until noon everyday. So in this case I spent more than usual but for good reason.

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I also stopped at Staples to get these cheap school supplies:

Mechanical pencils 2.99 FREE after rebate
Highlighters 4.99 FREE after rebate
Gel Pens 4.99 FREE after rebate
2 Expo Dry Erase Markers 1.00

$14.97 + 1.05 tax = $16.02
but will get back 12.97 in rebates = 3.05 19%

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