Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Earning on the Internet

One of my readers recently emailed me and told me she had tried many PTC's and survey sites to make a little money and had been burnt by almost all of them. She then proceeded to ask me if I knew of any legitimate sites where you can earn a little money. And instead of just emailing her back (which I did), I also thought maybe this info could help a few more of my readers. So tonight, I will tell you about two sites that I use to make a little money and earn some giftcards. And both of these have paid me several times so these are legit.

On this site I click on the emails they send me everyday. I also go on their site almost daily and do the "Daily Clicks". I also do their surveys some times. If you qualify for the surveys, the money will accumulate a lot quicker. This site also has coupons you can print and redeem for .01 credit!

Search & Win

Swagbucks is a search engine. You go there and simply do your searching and earn points. Then you can redeem your points for items or giftcards. I have gotten three Amazon giftcards so far!

Well, there you have it, two great sites to help you on your quest of online earning. I hope this will help some of you. I know I enjoy earning a few extra dollars here and there. And right now I am trying to accumulate gift cards to help me with back to school shopping. (so far I only have $10 Target, $10 Walmart & $5 Ebay)

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