Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I am planning a Yard Sale

Well, as some of you know I moved last year. I forget the exact date but I know it was about a week before Halloween. And just a few days before I was due (Oct 28th). I really wanted to be in the house before the baby was born, and we made it! At that time John was working seven days a week. I was working my normal six hours a day Monday through Friday. And when we weren't working we spent a few hours a day working on this house to get it ready for us. So while doing all that and taking care of the two kids it left very little time for anything else, including packing! So we packed and moved the essentials and set the house up enough that we could live here. Then we quickly shoved everything else in boxes and moved it all to our new garage just so we had the other house cleaned out.

Then along came our beautiful baby girl finally on Nov 3rd, and our life was thrown completely upside down. This infant did not sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time and screamed almost non stop. That is a whole different story that I won't go into now, but suffice it to say that I didn't have any free time to go through any of the boxes that were sitting in our garage. But now, thankfully, her colic is gone and her reflux is controlled with medicine, I can take her out to the garage in her stroller and go through the boxes.

It was pretty easy to come to the conclusion that alot of this "stuff" we can live without. Almost all of my "can't live without" items I had rummaged through the boxes and pulled out already. So everyday after work I go out in the garage and go through a few boxes. And I am putting alot of things into a garage sale pile, some into the garbage and a few items are coming into the house. I am not done yet but have made a good dent in the pile and since the City Wide garage sales are coming on Sept 18th & 19th, that is when I am planning on having mine. This will be my first garage sale so I am hoping that I am planning things correctly and that it goes well and I am able to get rid of most of the stuff.

It will be a busy weekend since that is my son's birthday also and he will be having friends over after school on Friday. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!

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