Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This Weekend

I am still trying to go through a few boxes every evening to get ready for the garage sale. But that is taking a back seat to the celebration this weekend. My family will be coming to my house to celebrate my son's 7th birthday, my nephew's 15th birthday, and my mothers birthday. So I have planned all the meals, drinks, and snacks. I have made my shopping lists for two grocery stores which I plan to shop at tomorrow evening. And of course I have to do some extra cleaning which I started tonight and will have to finish tomorrow night. And then I will start working on the ice cream cakes Friday when I get home from work and then everyone will be here around supper time on Friday. And we will celebrate all day Saturday. So you probably won't hear from me during this time. Hopefully everything will go wonderfully and a good time will be had by all!!

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