Monday, October 26, 2009

Alice - $16.56

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My second Alice order just came.

Luvs diapers $6.78 - 1.00
Tide in-wash booster 3.36 - 1.00
Bounty pt .84 - .25
Cascade rinse aid 3.35 - 1.00
Kotex pantiliners 1.16 - .75
Scooby Doo gummi vitamins 5.99 - 2.00

-6.00 coupons
$15.48 Paid - 72%

If you are new to Alice, just click below and check it out. And follow along here, I try and list the best deals here when I find them.

They have coupons that are automatically applied, nothing for you to do!
And all shipments get FREE shipping. And you can get a $10 credit after spending $50. I think all of those things combined are great, but just remember to get the best deals and pass on anything you can get cheaper other places.


The Keevy Family said...

Great Job!
I found your blog from MSM.
I am new to, but I think I'm addicted already! :) I am waiting for my first order to come on Monday. Is it true that there is a sample in each shipment?


Aimee said...

I have heard others talk about free samples also. However, I have not gotten any in my two orders. I hope you get one. Let us all know when you get your package.