Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vision check-up

Today after school I took my two older children to the optometrist. I have been noticing that when my son is reading, he holds the book closer to his face then he should and squints a lot. So, I was worried about his vision. And my daughter hadn't been there since July 2008 so it was time for her to be checked also.

My daughter went in first and she came back out in about 15 minutes and the Dr said her eyes looked very healthy and she is seeing better than 20/20! Then it was time for my son to go in and I wanted to go with to tell the Dr. my concerns and see first hand how he did. The results were not horrible but, he definitely needs glasses. He was really excited to pick out glasses and the ones we decided on he said are really cool!

Then we left and on the way home he says to me, "Mom three kids in my class have glasses." I said yes. Then he says, "some people make fun of them." I asked, "do you do that?" "No," he replied. Then he said, "but they call the kids with glasses some mean names." I said, "are you worried that they will call you names?" He said, "Yes." At this point I wanted to cry for him but I knew that was not what he needed, so I continued the conversation. I said, "you know when people call you names you just need to ignore them." He said, "I know but they won't stop."

So, we really had a long talk about this subject. And I hope that when he gets his glasses next week no one ruins his excitement about them and about being able to read better.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I really hope he doesn't have a bad experience with his new glasses.