Monday, December 14, 2009 Deal Update

I was just at and saw these new deals:
Jergens extra dry skin moisturizer 3oz $0.49
Radius kids toothbrush 1.49
Curel moisture lotion 6oz 1.79
Colgate toothpaste 0.70
Snuggle 32oz 2.66

And here are some of the other deals I previously posted about that are still available:
Scotch mini lint roller 0.97
Gillette shave gel 1.60
Bengay 2oz 2.27
Glade carpet & room 1.15
Brut deoderant 1.27
Sauve deoderant 0.98
Alka Seltzer 12ct 1.46

Check these out, they won't last forever. And don't forget you get free shipping on every order, and a $10 credit after spending $50.

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