Sunday, December 06, 2009

Productive Sunday

It was a very productive day here. I should have made a to do list for today but now I guess I can make a completed list.

1. Cleaned both bathrooms.
2. Did laundry & all put away.
3. Got Christmas tree put up and decorated.
4. Went to Menards and got sandbags put in truck.
5. Checked son's homework and listened to him read a book.
6. Made Christmas whisk gifts.
7. Made chocolate face scrub and packaged for Christmas gifts.
8. Ordered stocking stuffers for kids.
9. Made breakfast, lunch and supper and did all dishes.
10. Straightened and cleaned back entryway.
11. Cleaned baby's bedroom.
12. Got kids boots, hats, gloves, and snowpants all ready for this week.

And now that I have the baby sleeping and the other two playing quietly in their rooms I think I will sit here and read the Sunday paper, double check my grocery list for tomorrow and think of anything else I need to do for the week.

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